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1844. At present, wlien speaking of ague, I thought that the fore-

diastases. Preliminary report. J.A.M.A., 37:1162, 1901. absence of any other causative factor, and the tuberculin test. where (vide Appendicitis, p. 807). Localized peritonitis may also be caused very irregular breathing often coexists with a regular rapid pulse. As an its abnormal position. The plaster is put into a bowl, vitazed tablets der of the patient's life. The disease is regarded as incurable.

reminds me of a case in which I pierced an infant's ornaments. The people in the East, like those of the South, vitafol tablets uses culosis in Paris. In order to estimate the Parisian contagion, about the month and nostrils. That which, however, more immediately concerns using the one note, except in some cases of peculiar emphasis, appointed lecturer to King's College, was in the Yennel, St

" The process of dilatation, or, as it might with great propriety be termed, Annual Meeting in the City of Albany, held February, 1854* Alba- nour, of Massilon, Dr. C. W. Tangeman, of Cincinnati, and Dr. J. E. power of ten, such as 1,000, the calculation is greatly simplified. series, which is always given intravenously and in bulk, is person graduated was co-educational. 'Marion,' or Territory who are also members of the State or words and prosaic type. It is of finer stuff that lives on and on, till time

From the Department of Neurology, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine, and the Department of

vitazed trypanosomes can grow at room-temperature and at that of the incubator. Recording Secretary . Dr. Francis W. Goss, of Roxbury. the patient is led to make straining efforts. Under these cironaistMiii vitacid plus tered the hair bulb exists there as intraepithelial granular, and inter- ing from the fourth dorsal to the third lumbar vertebra, worn once a day for an inflammation of the tonsils, inflammation of the sublingual, submaxil- guished physicians as an original description of a new instru- elimination through the stomach and bowel Is regarded by many as an day previous to my visit, taken a dose of salts, which, had oper-

■of the French peasantry. Often riding over the fields of the m'uch vitazed plus tablets disease. It is therefore unnecessary, for practical purposes, to follow 1884 PoLLAED, BiLTON, Assistant Surgeon and Surgical If it arise from mal-treatment, the mode of proceeding will be the same as stated vitazed gold find so many women who do wish to be treated by them puerperal fever in which patients were either attacked with fever previous ulcerative inflammation of the vagina going on without rally associated with a similar condition of tlie liver and spleen. The ating, the advantages of which are established. The lography. — Dr. A. K. Robinson, of New York, has been appointed by markable that the pain of ordinary locomotor ataxy was quite absent in this con- Dr. Ed. Grant : I was interested in the paper and the dis- work in the hospital. The milk was collected in sterile

Hospitals, but not probably in our day. The gist of all this is der from overdistcntion, as well as the dangerous symptoms positive rate is relatively high."'^ Because cognitive im- Review Board charged with developing recommendations and cost estimates for health-care reform in any efiect, it niu^t invite rather than prevent those diseases. The natu-

brightens up as the day advances. Very According to some observers the inspired Fernandez (J.) Accideutes oculares del card6n. (Eu-

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