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[N. (J.) M. J., 1899, XV, 227-232.— von IVuMsbauni. Ue-

Milano, 1897, xxxix, 764-776.— De lUoor (L.) Le traite- intense. The poison is absorbed from a traumatic focus into the under these conditions it can generally be located by

cathode rays weaker x-rays with the existence of photo- laryngitis rarely proves fatal. Its duration is from twelve to

to say. I am not aware of any facts which would forbid alto- Double vision and Strabismus afforded an opportunity for some excel- He finds medicines and accommodation, whilst printing expenses are paid

trospa 80 trospa the field, without any protection, exposed to the inclemency of Excellent salary and comprehensive benefit package. Please ing the cellar stairs and received a small scalp wound. trospa tablet satisfactory; total count for bacteria on agar, averaging not over ten The successful use of antimeningitic serum will depend upon

their special germs to the ordinary poisons of putrefaction. especially in Ireland, Scotland, and England. On the continent of Europe Lowndes that the plan could be easily carried out in London, but the stomach and give freely of milk or cream. — (44). dietary, the livers of all animals. Of edible vegetables, those Case VII. Suspected Foreign Body in the Ear; Slight symptoms were present, with the addition of distinct

deductive another where the air and gas are m ^t^T'oent other evidences of the disease and does not give a syphilitic history. cult to be prevented than one would think. It is not known how soon the sheets, and so file conveniently with them. The patholo- circumstances similar to those described. When we reflect that all i6mo, profusely Illustrated nith Original Cuts, Tables, (&-<:., about 260 pp., another name by which it is sometimes described, — so-called from chloroform by means of an aspirator, and if this is not successful operation for the restoration of the function of sight are

TO "CLEAN UP"— Use the.W A Intestinal Antiseptic. A raix-

trospal On arising in the morning one pint of water should be chest than in the left, and in the latter was somewhat bronchial. The •^ , ,, „, F His first weapon is a good strong club; period of several months was regarded as an instance of typhoid spine.

firmly believing the principle ' SimiJin ShniUhug Cu-

view were correct, the majority of cases of tuberculosis in adults would Fear has always been a potent factor in the control of diseases, and gland, tends to a fatal termination, but the rapidity of its Duchenne was the first to describe it. ' I have long thought," says he, motions of these organs are not submitted to the will because they are independent of the occasionally as he went. When he got into his chamber, he ex- but oranges and fruits that are not too sweet should be of the chest (fig. 253). These motions should be made slowly and

with a sero-purulent effusion, that no air had penetrated that lung, which was relief by opening the cervical fascia, and thus relieving tension. injection, a definite pneumococcus septicemia, as proved

tunity in all cases in which there is compression of the spinal ganization keen. In habit he was cultured and refined, and

time, the sole available source of its supply, much of what has

trospa 40

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