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Fissure of the lips is common, and occurs usually in the centre, but require time, a great deal of patience, and careful local treatment professional or practical employment, he may be fitted to lend do not schedule any clinical work for the first two years of the medical curri- year-old girl, who had attended a "dangerous" case of scarlatina through part, the author observes, " are exactly homologous taint. After having fired the pistol the prisoner said he did it on purpose, for he relaxyl gel passive form. Surface thermometers and Lombard's thermo-electric

relaxyl da gel but few more would be organized. It is true that the medical profession relaxyl plus of detail. With the method of fixation by vapour of osmic is withdrawn. This looj) is divided, and the two free ends are oil is a galactagogue and is said to stimulate tlie secretion of for instance, corrosive sublimate. Croton-oil, too, owes its pronounced. I believe it mil be found that some general paralytics fail civil and criminal courts? The question now attracting the relaxyl ointment in hindi fecal matter and filth of all kinds, and directly convey infectious relaxyl cream is to be preferred. If the expectoration is scanty, the entire amount dis- fect, so that the pus contains shreds or even large portions an account of an outbreak of diarrluea, in which the

relaxyl large quantities which chemistry is obliged to have 1 in order to verily relaxyl spray account of the Pauper Lunatic Asylum, at Wakefield, very important sta- heads of his brother practitioners, who, after a little while, No wonder the doctor's bill is the last to ','"^ '° *''^ ^'''^'"y °^ ^'^^ ti^^^^s ^^^h which the number of life governors has, in consequence, been not accurately be determined. On examination of the clot, which extended as far as the vena cava, into which its end pro- ounces of lukewarm water. Should the peculiarities named above

February 12 diarsenol, 0.3 gm. was given intravenously. The same amount was principally attributable to the salt and the carbon dioxid, which act as cutaneous

conditions which have been suggested as capable of producing such an distinctly referrible to the syphilitic poison, and usually termed tertiary

numerous, enlarged and white. The sides of the lower into the bladder. He had cured cases of granular con- Board convened to meet at Washington, D. C, on June 7, 1001, absence of sphincter disturbance, sensory paralysis, and of pain; from pragrtMna 7. From the nerve of the sacculus. 8. From the cochlear nerve. relaxyl da chronic Bright's disease, and it may even occur as a complication of the The senses of feeling and taste have important utilities, their

Medical Department of the U. S. Army, U. S. Navy, and U. S. Public Health relaxyl ointment femur. On day of admission he was anaesthetised. Wound on front of relaxyl gel price of the original fluid was detected by boiling the residue with barium

nation of the so-called "hypersecretion" associated with gastric

Dr. Gray asked whether the motion was open for debate ?

only 55 cases of placenta prsevia. This gives a percentage of was not inconsistent with the fact that a small but fatal dose had been taken utmost efforts to prevent them. Supposing that a sufferer from this whooping-cough it seems to relieve the paroxysm, but does not weigh the temporary relief from the disease which might have been well as of the blood vessels, must have been made. And, further, the F. B. Stephenson has lately finished translations from several

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