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festly expectant. The complications which arise can be treated in the

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improvement and made the first contribution toward it,

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fully competent to conduct any case of labour, and it is this very circumstance

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summer 1869, for which quarter only 55 deaths were recorded, or

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of biology and medicine — is considerably within the wide limits sug-

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four of the author's general division, comprising the physiology of the

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Bilious Lymphatic. Size — About five feet ten inches. Figure — Very-

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the oppresion in the region of the chest augmented, and was attended with vio-

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the advantages of the change of scene, a purer air, a more cheerful society,

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oar large and growing family, seeemed necessary ; then a

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the editor are unusually ample, this department is particularly useful and interest-

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requests or complaints which they might have to make.

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dergone the acid change. It cannot, therefore, be considered as the cause of the

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by the medical officers, they would be enabled, without involving the

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fall into the hands of conscientious and well educated dispensers, who

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ten years of age, five between ten and twenty, fifteen between twenty and thirty,

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be observed, in consequence of the parietes being loaded with fat; and on look-

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I visited him between five and six o'clock, P. M., in company with Drs.

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of subsistence. A great deal of intellectual labor has been thus thrown away

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shrunken, whilst there is also disorder in the nervous system, as is shown by

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we most earnestly call the interested attention of all to

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feel the os an<l uterus, which was well dilated and very moveable. I

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thickened on the back part of the limb, of a brown colour, and hangs in a

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Finaiice Committee — Drs. Henderson, Griffin, Bray, Douglas and Glasgow.

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Lang, aetat. 42, native of Scotland, weaver, unmarried, admitted October

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the alteration of structure had first showed itself, no fracture was found,

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the family temperament, in consequence of which all the other children have the

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trolling power over the quantity of the secretion, which is displayed by the ace-

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health improved, in the comforts and pleasures afforded

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Case V. Chronic Conjunctivitis, with ulcers and opacity of Cornea,

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loid, mixed with two or three grains of the powdered nux vomica itself, on the

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