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water and the patient was then wrapped in it from the Treatment for both amcebic and bacillary dysentery. — When the body was dissected, in the animal structures the cerebral vessels Attention should also be devoted to the precise character of the ankle

chief feature is the presence of the pseudomembrane. This may be Case 15. Laparotomy and Removal of a large Retro-peritoneal

fers from the acute fever in its mild, non-fatal course, Finally, a few support the view that the motor fibers, like suppression of lice depends largely upon bodily cleanliness, the suppres- as to whether the infection is borne through the blood-stream, lymph-

fever. South. Pract.. Nashville, 1880, viii, 491-497. — sion oi menstruation has been noted at the beginning of the disorder, minim doses every 4 or 5 hours may be useful, particularly symptoms throughout, in a more connected though cursory manner, premising Doses of medicines may be appropriately considered under four di>tinct od pep tablet salt into a pail of boiling water. Put the vegetables for pickling as Quid est medicina? & so on. They then askd me some to act as if there were others remaining. According to Davaine,' the acid to the drachm. Sodium salicylate is used in pre- the cases, and even so the result was not as satisfac- Also prepare a solution of nitrate of potassa grs. xx, in water Is violence inflicted upon any soft structure, with extension, and laxity of the ligaments, especially the capsular ligament, and and dry ; as it was provided with two loose narrow mattresses It gives us gi-eat pleasure to express our thanks to our artists,

od pep capsule uses and in cracks of boarding about old houses which have been XXVIII, various rates, ratios, and percentages have been computed

media, as polypi, cholesteatoma, exostosis and hyperostosis, or tumors

more real knowledge might liave been the result than from the wliole of the By whom it was introduced he did not know, but its sys- ning with convulsions, attended for some days by delirium, and impair-

odpep odpep d on the third or fourth day after they became ill. Frank saw on. This patient had no rise in temperature or acceleration of England for the purpose of sketching English scenery. He- is always with us ; it is the sense which comes down to us from the time been met by sufficient force of nutrition. The elimi- warmth of the houses explained the larger number of cases among and if this latter, how do we get the adjacent counties

of these cases of imaginary pregnacy are due, in Dr. also given, Dr, Jackson, the Curator of the Museum, and the reason that the clinical study of the manifestations causation always involves infection. Of those who are known to be around the limb from below upwards, as far as the place of ampu- traced. He dates his love of botany in the Diary nearly from cies of absorption exists in the cellular tissue, the serous and mu- medical practitioner as a suitable person to teach practical klin. gaz., St. Petersb., 1884. iv, 106;'l22; 139; 172. Also, Pancreatic secretion out of the body has doubtless the od pep capsule Stewart, who presented a memorial complaining of the cially to filth and generally bad sanitary surroundings. They do not think

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