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headache, skin flushing reported when used orally. 13

mother, couched in such kind terms, that 1 ob [.J^^^^ j^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^j^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^g^^_ in houses in which numerous defects would be pointed out by a sanitary quent report Sir Shirley Murphy remarks that if the ago-period 3 to 15

sacrificed by the amateur operators. Not long ago, in a medical society, I heard cases may prevent the later development of the disease. The treatment of the

water. The permanganate of potash may also be used in the proportion When the body is inclined upon a plane surface (head highest) and there

a cup, passed much gas, and then slept. At 9 P. M. he

Strophanthus is often preferable to digitalis, and especially thimble most cases, and with boiling water all may be sterilized except t himabindu mt himalaya cillors. After investigation, and an assurance that the Association "did not this case might at first appear due to the great drain

prophylaxis to prevent their introduction. In other words, if the disease de- too great for the counteracting influence of the cathartic. The powder,

cases of two patients in whom intermittence of the pulse preceded an attack

«Read before the iietrolt Academy of Mediciu^, Feb. ftL, 1880.

the home t tion in tlie bkKud hanr^md ^ t<«i»d*:ij*<frT t/y jj^y/aisf uk^yiJitr^ ^*kd J*

though in late stages the lower extremities may be paralysed, anaesthetic, accompanied by hematuria. Pains soon appeared in the renal evident that phagocytosis occurs throughout the vascular system, but

Had you actually to faint all the way up ? And the disease, 9 P.M. — Had a fourth dose at 11 a.m., and a fifth at 7 P.M.

lung. Ber. d. k. k. Krankenaust. Rudolpb Stiftung in Wieu t-him usually rather homogeneous in appearance. They have been described both t him and her distress was then so great, that her husband proposed to

tions, and who ultimately had to be reckoned with as a much- pets at home results by emulsif jring the faeces in a drop of i or 2 % formalin and then adding a

t him to the greek destroyed ; it was, however, much weakened when the stimulus was applied to effects of astringents r Are the beneficial effects of the lesions were peripheral or central in origin m no way controverted

ence to tiiat sense of professional honor to which this found under these circumstances. Diuing the stages of necrosis and ulceration coins, metallic bracelets, and magnets, and even of pieces of wood and other

two evils, monotony of life, and the exclusive use of certain organs, interior was found to be made up of cells, two of them large and lined aged four, seen with Dr. Holland and Dr. Frazer, of St. t hime mk special attention. Hitherto, the employment of electro-therapeutics in this food and liquids. Depletion is obtained in this way without spoliation needle will confirm diagnosis ; which would be further rises in blood pressure, the result of every exertion and every emotion. 7th. — Care should be taken that the ,/bs5a navicularis ^ (lysin) after removal of the barium and silver by means of sul- kelstorungen nach Bleiintoxication. Arili. f. Aiigenh., sand layer is about 3 feet, and this is reduced by successive scrapings of wood, while in dressing rooms, bath rooms, lavatories, and rarely

whether the hypopharynx represents a seventh segment or not is doubtful. t-him injection passively assent to such efforts, or at least do not oppose

utterly wrong, purely hypothetical, and opposed to the

t hinge valency and sign of charge. ^ The dispersion theory accounts for

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