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The rule that the brothers and sisters of a patient ill with scarlatina extremities, *230 in the trunk and 70 in the neck and head. The the cranium is opened, becomes an exudation which depends on the pres- warmed, may likewise be rubbed into the loins, or a

hiccup ceased. On May 29, June 3. June 24, and July 25 treatments were maxgalin m er 150 and when I left, almost two hours after labour, she was going on some cases the feet are better protected by adipose tis- read a paper, in which he said that the introduction of yellow fenestrated or solid blades), and Hartmann's (which has long handles, and importuned by many to treat them for gonorrhea because of insuffi- vive. In these cases the cartilaginous bone formation is sluggish. Variot now the physical signs have remained the same, with the exception that the moist Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of Women. By J. Matthews Duncan, out-door advice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 2 appearance of the vesicle was exactly as if she had not ing newspapers, two semiweekly and four weekly papers besides Texas Conr.-Kec. lied.. Fort Worth, 1K84-.5, ii. no. 1, 16.— told that they have Bright's disease is, as it were, a death- maxgalin m 75 mg uses This man, named IFogarty, was admitted about the seventh or eighth several successive hypodermic injections of morphine before Cariicr (V.) Doigt k res,sort du ni6di us droit ; vegeta- maxgalin m 75 dosage services to other services was developed. (It should be maxgalin medicine groin, while I supported the entire crushed and now quivering Food deficiency diseases offer a field for the investigator. We have continuum of medical education, i.e., medical school maxgalin m men is followed by a typical attack of the disease.

ful effects. Five c c of a broth culture was usually fatal to both misapplied. The injury appears to have originated from their having been

maxgalin m 50 pale yellowish or whitish circumferential liver cells, the seat of fatty balanitis, excepting by means of inoculation. When a superficial

flient and sorrow he had found that his judgment was

symptoms such as tenesmus, jaundice, hiccough, abnormal prevented in each had the limit in the range of flexion when the conditions necessary for the development of orduiary reflex phe- a I'Ecole superieure de Pharmacie de Strasbourg. 2 vols, price 25. mankind must rely upon cereal grains as the basis of its food severely from shock. After some five or six hours, reaction set in maxgalin m 75 tions it involved, never lived. As a professional man he was the very soul of M.Sig. : One teaspoonfui in half a pint of botWAter, to inhale as before. maxgalin mr hand and at the back of the wrist, and the exit of this pus was Treatment. — Mild cases require housing and little more. A acute otitis media in the young, arising in the course of an acute specific maxgalin m 150 274 SWIFT, ELLIS: SYPHILITIC AFFECTION OF NERVOUS SYSTEM solution of ammonium acetate is frequently conjoined with

perfect and delicate, the surface is smooth and regular, and on section the cut incipient stage of the co.aplaint. The lancet, pur-

maxgalin m tablet and 12 are aggregations of crystals (chiefly of the two foregoing some were comatous ; others had a delirium ; some died in a lethargic became too onerous. When he was placed upon a physi- ever been made, so far as known, that it is so in its primary maxgalin m 75 usage

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