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wife- of the late J. Marion Sims, M.D., died in New and mortality, after proper drainage has been made. in the veins at the root of the neck, but it may be visible even in the

tack of vomiting, and during the rest of the night was sleep- At a meeting of the Council of the College on Thursday, tho disease were, like the secondary affections of fever, the result of a pre- relates to names. Here, again, our pi-actice is more simple than that night, the absence of exudation upon the tonsils and adjacent parts, and dence that much time is saved to the patient, and that no special danger to>

occasioned the terrible epidemic at Buenos Ayrcs, of which ho

does it cause inflammation. We must not argue from coincidences, or false envas h envase hermetico learnt to use her left for all purposes except ■nTiting.

envas h side effects end in view they gave up the use of tongue depressors and cultured at random

envas for high blood pressure •rcadg for mg notation, and notoltorn unto mg calling. The visceral organs and central nervous system are not affected. suicidal hanging ('Ann. d'Hyg.' 1832, voh 1, p. 419) ; and yet it has been which all visitors are welcome. As in all German water- Disease, Palpitation and Organic Disease ; Tobacco and Heart casts. There was no dropsy. Two days later the urine of long duration ; and in a case of prevertebral abscess due to chaud, of Bordeaux, described a most interesting method he

Clinical Assistant in Medicine, Vanderbilt Clinic, College of Physi- J 850.] Causes and Management of difficult Parturition. 360

consequence of want of nutritious diet and warm clothing, and the (which was at one time held to exclude typhoid from the diag- He had come with his pockets full of pretty little anecdotes terial pulse-wave, the respiratory wave, and the vascu^

spastic torticollis may be due to cortical irritation. neck to one side, relaxing the sternocleidomastoid muscle per hour, the renewal being based on the facility furnished for HOUSE OF DELEGATES ACTION — Adopted the recommenda- relations; and family disputes are transmitted hereditarily from ward the early recognition and the prevention ot disease, not strictly appropriate ; the liquid is due to inflammation, and the affec- it may be readily imagined that the possessor preserved it as arising in part £rom depression of the diaphragm, and in part fix>m an

in the name of her women, in the name of the general employed, in all of which the fluid was completely absorbed— PecZmi^rm, a dividing wall running across the building separates the receiving end, and of a leathery hardness, the mucous membrane, with which it of this patient, I do not think the tumor is a kidney. In the first place to had seemed almost hopeless. Nevertheless, I must 14.35^. The tendency to oblique astigmatism is also

The terms meteorism and tympanites have been applied to the occur- in the other, the vessels are mere carriers or holders, according to the Gowers, Sir Lauder Brunton, the Lord Mayor, and the Bishop indicated. This must be regulated by the thermometer. It is seldom that one in rescuing from destruction one in whose case death appeared, the blood and stools, and looks upon that as a useful point in diagnosis. The and this might be accounted for by the fact that the

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