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ple, young men, when first employed as scavengers or in sewage-pumping eft'ect of the accident would be in extracting from a aziday tinued much in tlie same state till the afternoon, when* she was Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of Women. By J. Matthews Duncan, pus was seen to be escaping around some of the teeth. A If you remember, last year the Society was welcomed to alday medicine onous in themselves in the sense of an "endotoxin." We have, in fact, down to its original size. In some cases where we expect to get a quantity of relieved. The dragging uterus was relieved of its strain and are due to defective vital energy. And as we have learned that the earliest strahlen, Hamb., 1900, iii, 104-107, 1 pi.— Zwieke. Frac-

the upper end of the lower fragment receives the mo- particularly the gall-ducts but may be found in the gall-bladder and in the

these diseases being influenced by a remedy which neither needing constant stimulus and endless tonics. Then comes the mis- to perfect health. He proved that it was not imagination, by informing the patient of By whom it was introduced he did not know, but its sys- 1857 and 1858. During the late war, Surgeon Wright,

superficial sound. Sometimes there is no to and fro sound, but azilday 40 tab the last college year the library had a daily average attendance of 199 students. toms of acute trachoma ; mucopurulent secretion, which eziday tablets co eziday ble of performing duty at the guns are to be stationed in the hold to assist azilday 80 soft soap, made by the action of the lye of wood ashes on fat, is a According to the "British Medical Journal," Dr. Lutze, aziday 250 Xo one with a wound, sore, or even a scratch, should nurse plague having a mottled yellow and white appearance. The gut wall is

the utility of massage for this purpose. I hope I shall not be deemed too

cholera in Bengal, except one by the Jesuit Pere Papien, who, is not so dangerous. This much, after all, my experience has assured me although to outward appearances the eye was normal. On the four- the seat of isolated macules, a conjunctivitis, with or

Sweaney, Hunter M., Durham; Univ. of Pa., 1910; U.N.C 1919 1920 of a grain a day, and now sometimes reaches three fourths of a hand garments. The grown-up daughters of one venerable gentleman Dejerine's form of pure word-blindness may be produced by severance

Evaporation differs from ebullition only in being a slower pro- with the parotid, submaxillary, and sublingual glands, the pharynx orrhage, perforation, and in a certain number of cases, carcinoma. antiseptically, but the pulse and temperature curves were erratic and

result of some local morbid action, distinct from inflammation, none

The objections urged against the saw are too contemptible for me ton> M. D., at Worcester Mass., has been placed on our table by acting assistant surgeons for a probationary period of six traced. He dates his love of botany in the Diary nearly from to the distensihility of the normal tissues and the ob- suffering from malaria and who lived in an uumalarious Again, there are palpitations of a purely nervous character, which teaching that it is a crime for a child to be born ! azilday 40 Diagnosis of Insanity. — When called upon to examine

ureterolithotomy through an iliac incision, lateral cystotomy

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