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cial attention to the Gastro-intestinal branch. Dr. Barber has held

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a strict and intelligent quarantine as a preventive measure, can

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Clinical History of Chlorosis. — Chlorosis, or " green sickness," is a definite

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" Recent researches have demonstrated that many of the agents which

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touch with abdominal palpation, it is possible to feel between the fingers this portion

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posterior part of the foot, regions that correspond to the

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discovery, and led him on to improvement after improve-

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rismal in form, this form being that in which thoughts on medi-

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study and experiment, and his writings reflect the extent of his re-

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year. During this sojourn he visited the surgical clinics of the hos-

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State, gaining for himself an enviable reputation as an

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Lip" (N. Y. Med. Rec, December 23, 1899); "Epithelioma of the

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use of local applications under proper circumstances is advised,

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principles was to help the profession in every possible

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son of Isaac Payne and Maria (Aldridge) Brown, the former a

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rhage into the mucous membrane of the air-passages to give rise to a slight

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the work progresses." The administrators accepted this

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have made considerable progress in surgery and pathology,

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the house staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, and in 1881 engaged in the

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a peculiar fever, which occurs in the springtime, which ap-

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We must abstain from any exploration. In general there

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bupropion side effects dizziness

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judicious in the management of their child. The strumous

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ries of Bordeaux, where from twenty-five to thirty kilograms

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Mr. Alfred Bicknell, of 33 Milk Street, Boston, Mass.

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made for him by George Tilman & Company, of New York.

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Entering a large drug store, he was soon put in charge

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College from 1897 to 1906, when he resigned and was appointed Pro-

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for the sake of giving something, than with any hope of achieving

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retroverted and retroflexed uteri. The advantages of each will

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commendable powers of individual thought and judgment The

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towards the inner table. The bevelled surface of the inner

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