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continue to add their quota to the number of patients. In

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18S«, 7.'. years later, when he told rae he had been very well till that

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same time and place with matter from the same tube, and in the same

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west of the Lfuited Kingdom and Portugal to North Africa,

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voted the non-taxation of boissons hyyii'niques, but has not

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President, of the Lancashire and Cheshire Branch of

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tion of the merits of the invention. That was raised in another action

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from Mr. F. Addiscott, Secretary of the Medical Sickness, Annuity and

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Kev. T. W. Hardy, M.A., vicar of Erith. Kent, assisted by the Rev. R.

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kind of streptococcus, etc. Further he points out that the

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the endowment policies will probably soon et|ual the \vhoIe liie policies.,

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cedently probable, and is in harmony with actual statistical

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most important bearing when we regard the malady in con-

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ject a special study for nigh half a century, and who, in deference to

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my right hand in very cold water and, placing it over the

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very well, hoping first to establish a competition with the

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Medical School ought to liave the first claim on its own fees for the estab-

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Dlagnostik der Bakterien des Wassers. Von Dr. A. Lustig. Jena

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conceded, are of the greatest importance. Following upon Dr. Jamie-

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March 1st, but we learn that it is not now probable that it

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some other epithelial growths contained, and were caused by,

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which had survived the peritoneal injection of non-fatal doses

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There are about 700 children, and the remuneration is to be

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body, intentionally overlook the facts that since the law of

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now acknowledged as the truth about tuberculosis was 8et>

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contains more or less turbid, slightly sanguineous, fluid

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others, that is, as long as we work with the intracellular

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largely to the risk, and all that is necessary can be done

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more favourable than that accordKi to any recent Govern-

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ranged from n.S in Derby, lo.l in Burnley, 15 8 in froydoo, and in Not

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whilst occupied with the latter duty he was unlucky enough

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contracted late in life. The results of youthful sexual excess

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paragraphs of the question were correct. He h^d requested the commit-

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every morning taken with ordinary food, from November 12th

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That which is full of significance for us is concerned with

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minuria which came under notice were those which eventu-

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legislation on this important question until the whole report of the Royal

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Pathology has also its place, and one certainly not without

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At the same time, no Government has yet taken the faintest

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sacred books were preserved. Dr. Richard Millar ' expresses^

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to the discovery of hitherto unrecognised facts. Professor

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the.«e colours are not necessary ; they could be dispensed

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well as by a very large number of microscopical and naked-

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