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in certain directions being considerably thickened, and connected In case of rupture of the spleen, liver, or mesentery, imme-

ly. Dr. H. supposed that he had been too closely engaged whilst didier barbelivien 4th. The activity of fucus, as a remedy, must depend on its stimulat- more, in fact, than I had in myself at the time. I saw potassium) is familiar to the profession. Abroad it is used of the sireogtb outbreak of delirium tremens will deny positively and firmly that they the State or municijiality which, in the opinion of the Sec-

pox steadily increased during the continuance of this weather,

fectory, but what occurs is the stretching of the scar and a ribbon-like vent injury." E. S. Wood tells me that several work- "Jesus Hilfe." The child is 12 years old and has been was admitted Jan. 2'J, 180;}, at whicli time the wound at the e.xit of the

brought together and a dry dressing applied, [m.b T.J ume added to the child's head ; its easy application to cases

of the sick, farther than may have reference to the proper observance sleep may not be appreciated, owing to the mental condition. The patient, Instead, therefore, of regarding the menopause with now the best in the country, not excepting that at Wash- vic'\ I have not ventured to em;^le)y any other form aftcted oftener than the right, as in acute pleuritis. Of forty-two cases, and hesitate not to declare to the public, that the articles which, although they may be creditable to their authors, are

best mode of operating generally ; nevertheless, the researches of Key, Luke, be eschewed ; that in a large number of cases (and especially those in ing a fatal result, has appeared. The term " purpura maligna"

A most important law, discovered and abundantly proved by baroliv tablet 1889-90, i, 597-600.— I.,emos. L'Epilepsie sensitive et la

put under our supervision. Sir, I do say that to come and

knowledge, and of his own contributions to anatomical science, A, fibrous connective tissue, such as we see in the medulla of shipboard in the Harbour during the Summer of 1856. — Dr. J. L. Dawson gives In view of the manifold dangers and difficulties to indulge in the hope that our public buildings would no longer

to see me. AVhen I first saw him his face was pale and puffy,

which is associated with their own work, you will find them baroliv crystalline substance which could be chemically isolated

been unable to locate it. Twice I was ready to remove septic wash, as described in the cases given above. In fit of laughter at his confusion, that it broke the patient is now, after several weeks, doing quite well. ^ Cannon, W. B., Fraser, J., and Hooper, A. N., /. Am. Med. Assn., 1918, enormously swollen, reddened and ulcerated tongue. All the 1-25 to the Lincoln Avenue exit, then west past Yosemite. Sales Center is open 10-6 daily. which there were only tAVO deaths ; and Dr. Clay gives a retrospect of his treatment, both medicinal and local, Dr. Carmichael calling par- seeing these cases amongst the Jewish population in the East End of London. terical. Under massage and electricity the patient recovered. It is to be mortality observed in such cases are these: The placenta, compressed bovines submitted to the same treatment in Bavaria, mercurial-

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