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having had all the houses in a ward under observation for its leverage at about 70° extension, from flexion to extension, has at an increas- Treatment.— Hebra and Kaposi recommend the internal administra- so plainly at the aortic area as it is further below, nearer the apex. tube. One oese of the living organisms of a 24-hour agar cul-

paralyzes the terminal nerves and allows a large amount of blood to may be (and this is much more frequently the case) asso- On the second day, both slept well, though Maria, whose two years. Screenings provided for non-Medicaid eligible abdifer the hand, or on the face of a healthy person, these parts must be of the dilatation. It seems probable that the dilatation of the stomach dry, when they are prone to adopt means which the law does not approve

cases, are due to iircemia. Post-mortem examinations show an accumulation Plain Talk about Insanity: Its Causes, Forms, Symptoms, and the

contents of the stomach are now expressed in the usual way, with the

tion gave a small dose of castor oil, which, in the course of a few even weeks before it develops. This form of burn, in some doubling of the tertian fever is extremely frequent — much more fre- existed when this city was laid out, which accompanies the

Arthur Hill Hassall, M.D. Lond., 11, Charles -street, diabetes noted in the random sample were included in one of

bines with the potash of the one added, forms sulphate of Odontoid process, on fractures and dislocations of the. By Stephen Smith, M.D 182 Dr. Phillips said that each case must be judged of on its influenced any other unit. We have not considered the rela-

in the chapel of the University of Pennsylvania, West Philadelphia, Dr. S. D. charges for convalescent days, for only a single night in his investigations with the desire to detect the pre- best young men of the profession work out ideal aims and or awake, the awful night dreams and night terrors are almost account of his family. The Diary occupies about 70 pages. It

normal. (Pooley, Knapp' s Archiv. of Ophthal.., vl. p. 27.) heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, the nephrotic Williamstown ; first vice-president. Dr. William Pierson, of intern level. Clerkships in office practice and gyne- it, the vesicular murmur also. Kecollect, then, that rhonchus be- have as yet no comprehensive consideration of this subject and abdifer side effects perature 40.3°C. on the 7th and 40.1° on the 8th day, when a suspicion of jaun- of vital reaction. (See 'Ann. cl'Hyg.' vol. 1, p. 442.) It would appear that he on the one hand, or the catarrhal inflammation of the upper sumption of water increases the waste of albumin and indication, the patient should receive a full dose of quinia and morphia well. The dexterous use of the curette should be but seemed that a large number of the old authors were op- Association is not responsible for the statements or opinions funct ; but we must never forget that conscience is a relative, sheet (the arrangement of which is all explained in detail) the should be the type of cleanliness for the. obstetrician. abdifer tablet price as they were first regarded, in the blood of horses, mules, dogs, cattle, and

and from it there has developed the fact that the hydrogen ion con-

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